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What Is A Mennonite?

Mennonites are a Christian faith group that began in the 16th century. Menno Simons was an early prominent leader and eventually the group became known as “Mennonites” because of his name. Mennonite beliefs and practices vary from church to church, but following Jesus in every area of life is one of our core values.


 We find that many people asking about Mennonites are actually thinking of the Amish. Mennonites and Amish both come from a Protestant tradition known as Anabaptism (meaning to be baptized again) begun in the 16th century, but the ways that we live out our faith have become very different over the centuries.


 Amish focus on separating from “the world” – distinctive language and dress codes, no electricity, horses and buggies. At Media we also believe in simple living and not accepting the status quo, but our goal is to engage the world rather than sequester ourselves from it. We want to tell everyone we know about Jesus and we want to challenge each other to live like Jesus lived. Our faith is something to be shared.



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We want to see everyone we know become more like Jesus.

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